Federer & Federer PC: St. Louis Real Estate Attorneys With Tradition and Excellence
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Federer & Federer PC: St. Louis Real Estate Attorneys With Tradition and Excellence

A Family Tradition in Real Estate Law

The name Federer is not just an ordinary one in the real estate world of St. Louis; it represents a lineage of expertise and quality service. The Federer family’s relationship with real estate dates back to William Federer, an early land developer in St. Louis, turning the Federer name into a synonym for real estate in the region.

The Journey of Richard Federer

The transition from Broker to Attorney

Richard Federer’s journey is a testament to the family’s commitment to real estate. Starting as a real estate broker, his profound interest in real estate law led him to attend law school. Richard’s breadth, knowledge, and experience with Missouri Real Estate Law have influenced St. Louis since 1952. As a leader in the field, he has served in prominent roles like President of the St. Louis Board of Realtors, reflecting his dedication and expertise.

Thomas Federer: A Continuation of Excellence

A Comprehensive Real Estate Law Expert

Thomas Federer, who now heads the firm Federer & Federer PC, has been licensed to practice law in Missouri since 1987. His numerous accolades and appointments signify his deep understanding of real estate law.

Speaker and Educator

As a speaker for the Missouri Bar and chair of various real estate committees, Thomas has played a vital role in educating lawyers and real estate professionals throughout Missouri. His tenure as former board counsel for the St. Charles County Board of Realtors underscores his trustworthiness and authority in the field.

Services Provided by Federer & Federer PC

Real Estate Attorneys You Can Trust

Federer & Federer PC, real estate attorneys, offers various services tailored to individual and corporate needs. From residential and commercial transactions to complex real estate litigation, their vast experience ensures an efficient and effective solution.

Eco-Friendly Approach

Committed to a sustainable future, Federer & Federer PC implements eco-friendly practices. They believe that environmental responsibility is not just a trend but a core value that aligns with their dedication to excellence.

Conclusion: Your Real Estate Partner in St. Louis

With a rich heritage in real estate and an unwavering commitment to quality service, Federer & Federer PC real estate attorneys have carved a niche for themselves in St. Louis. Their familial connection to the field ensures an unparalleled understanding of local real estate dynamics.

Whether you are looking for guidance on property transactions or a corporate entity needing sophisticated legal solutions, the attorneys at Federer & Federer PC offer the experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness you need. They aim to provide you with the personalized and professional service you deserve.

Reach out to Federer & Federer PC real estate attorneys today and make your next real estate venture a successful and smooth experience.

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